Warranty and Returns

Manufacturer's Warranty Policies and Refund Guidelines

We want our customers to be fully satisfied with their purchase. For that reason, we accept returned items within 30 days from date of receipt. A full purchase price (minus the shipping charge) will be refunded for unopened products. Opened products will receive a refund of the product cost minus a 15% restocking fee.

How can I Return the Product?

Customer must inspect all goods upon receipt and notify our support center within SEVEN business days if any products or accessories are missing or damaged.

We honor the manufacturer's standard 1-yr warranty on parts and labor. The exchange/return or service process may take anywhere from 10-15 days depending upon the service queue and availability of parts and resources. As our standard policy we do not offer any cross-shipment for products sent in for warranty repair, exchange or service. Cross-shipping is available for clients subscribed to our Signature Support Program.

We rigorously test all of our products to ensure optimum quality and reliability. If the failure symptoms described by the customer cannot be replicated by us and the unit passes our pertinent product testing and benchmarks, it will be reported as a "No Problem Found" (NPF) and returned to the customer.

At its discretion, we may supply replacement products (e.g., for warranty/ RMA exchange purposes) that are classified as new, re-certified or refurbished. Any replacement units will carry the remainder of the one (1) year Mnfg. warranty described above. All re-certified/refurbished replacements shipped back by us uphold the quality specification and guarantee of our products.

How does the RMA Process work?

Shipping fees and/or return shipping costs are not refundable and will not be borne by us.

All products being returned must be issued an Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number by our Technical Support or Customer Service Staff before they are returned. Unauthorized/unmarked returns will not be honored. RMA numbers are valid for, and products must be returned to our support center within 15-days of RMA issue.

Request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number

To be accepted, all products being returned must be clearly labeled with the assigned RMA number and accompanied with a printed copy of the sales order or invoice.

Customers must pack any item(s) being returned. The returned package should include all manuals, cables, accessories, software, etc., as if they are new and in working condition. Regardless of the condition, all products must be packaged appropriately so as not to incur physical damage during return shipping. Products damaged during reshipment will be returned to the customer. Failure to follow these guidelines will invalidate both the RMA and the warranty.

We will not be responsible or held liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of any product(s) it sells.

Per product descriptions, compatibility can be reasonably assured in most cases but can never be guaranteed; a product that is incompatible in a specific hardware/software environment is not therefore automatically "defective". Kindly read our technical specifications and examine your hardware to ensure compatibility before purchase.

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